Empowering women through authentic imagery.


This is something I find beautiful, raw, and truly intimate.

Because of this, I believe in respecting each of my boudoir clients’ privacy. If you would like to view a boudoir gallery, email me at

Follow along on my private, women-only boudoir instagram account @csintimates


We book my favorite studio or we can do it at your home. You will have the option to have complete privacy with your images, or for $50 off you can sign my model release form. This allows me to use your images for my boudoir marketing. You will have the option to stay anonymous (photos from the neck down) or you can do a full release. I do not have a personal boudoir closet; however, the studio I use does have a collection that is mostly size-inclusive + beautiful. I recommend bringing a few pieces of your own as well that make you feel comfortable + sexy. I love hearing + seeing what you would like your photos to look like, so I encourage pinterest + instagram stalking boudoir accounts!

I also recommend bringing a friend, if you’re comfortable. This can help boost you up + make you more confident. I do not allow any males to be present during the shoot, unless it is specifically a couples boudoir or male boudoir session.

If you have any questions or are ready to book, click here.