it’s me, crystal— your hype girl / third wheel extraordinaire. 

i’m a pretty simple gal. i live for little things like driving around to really loud music + going places i’ve never been. i’ve been an okie all my life, but traveling really sets my soul on fire. INTJ, aquarius, + 5w4 on the enneagram, if you’re into that kind of thing (i totally am.) i’m super detail-oriented + efficiency is a huge strength of mine. like every human being on the planet, candles + coffee make me the happiest. i have an unhealthy addiction to popcorn that i am currently working on (and failing…)

a little over 4 years ago i turned this hobby thing of mine into a business, and ever since then i have fallen crazy in love with capturing all moments, big + small, beautiful + messy.

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my suitcase is packed

I’ve got a bunch of places on my bucket list I need to cross off, and if you help me do that, you get a killer discount! Check it out down below!

portland, or | paris, fr | joshua tree, ca | tulum, mx

boston, ma | iceland | flagstaff, az



Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Delaware, New York City

+ wherever you are