for the ones that are truly, madly in love. for the milestone celebrators. for every person in between. // yeah, this is for you.

hey girl heyyyy


my name is crystal shaw + i’m your gal when it comes to having the best day ever. i’m not just going to show up with my camera, take some photos, and leave. we gotta be the perfect team to create some photos that make you say “heck yeah!”

my goal is to be best friends by the time our session is over. i’m not going to pose you— i’m going to encourage you to fall in love all over again. i wanna capture those memories you wanna look at for the next hundred years.

this crazy passion of mine has been a wild ride + i want you to come along. let’s go somewhere cool, you can make out with your forever person, and hopefully, (fingers crossed) wedding cake is involved. proudly welcomes humans of all races, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations with love